Growing Sustainable Investments

September 25, 2018

Business Roundtable CEOs are making key decisions to help catalyze the growth in sustainable investment and development. U.S. businesses and investors are leading with long-term commitments to finance, invest, and facilitate activities that create sustainable growth, accelerate environmental solutions, and build more resilient infrastructure and communities.

Corporations are dedicating financial capital to expand critical investments that deliver environmentally sustainable outcomes. Businesses are underwriting, issuing, and investing in a growing U.S. green bond market. In addition to corporate renewable power purchase commitments, corporate investment in technology, and product and service innovation is enabling their customers to achieve more sustainable outcomes.

Meanwhile, the creation of new sustainable investment platforms, tools, indices and product analytics are enhancing market transparency and providing all type of investors – from individuals to institutions – with the resources needed to improve decision-making and drive future market growth of sustainable investments.