Tax and Fiscal Policy ICYMI: Business Roundtable CEO on Bloomberg: ‘We’re continuing to push to get the bill across the finish line’

Jun 1, 2023

Today, Business Roundtable CEO Joshua Bolten joined “Balance of Power” on Bloomberg TV to urge the Senate to expeditiously pass the bipartisan bill to lift the debt ceiling and preserve the full faith and credit of the United States.

Business Roundtable CEO Joshua Bolten on Bloomberg TV

Topline Quotes: 

  • “From the biz community standpoint, we’re continuing to push to get the bill across the finish line.”
  • “The bill that they’ve produced does several good things, particularly in areas like permitting, that the business community stands strongly behind, but the main thing is, raise the debt ceiling [and] eliminate the risk of default and economic cataclysm.”
  • “You can get bipartisan agreement to do sensible things.”
  • “What I think is a really good development in this bill that hasn’t been reported on much which is that the bill provides an incentive for appropriators and the Congress to actually appropriate … because if they don’t do the appropriations bills, they’re going to suffer a 1% cut in what they get to spend.”

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