Immigration Immigration laws should strengthen US, not its rivals,’ Says Motorola CEO in The Hill Today

Apr 8, 2015

In The Hill today, Greg Brown, Chairman and CEO of Motorola Solutions, and Chair of the Business Roundtable Immigration Committee, weighed in on the FY 2016 H-1B caps being reached:

“Outdated laws that limit our nation’s ability to recruit and retain talent hold back our economy, suppress job growth, and give an unnecessary advantage to countries that are America’s economic rivals.
“Every time the U.S. turns away a highly talented foreign worker, our nation loses ground in the global race for talent. …
“[I]f we continue to let our current employment-based immigration laws work to the benefit of our foreign competitors, more and more of this rich history of innovation will be written outside the United States.”

The outdated H-1B visa system was one of six factors in a new Business Roundtable analysis that put the United States ninth out of 10 advanced economies in terms of employment-based immigration policies.

Read the new report, “State of Immigration: How the United States Stacks Up in the Global Talent Competition.”

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