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What is Business Roundtable

Business Roundtable (BRT) is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies working to promote sound public policy and a thriving U.S. economy.

More Than Leaders. Leadership.

Business Roundtable is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies working to promote a thriving economy and expanded opportunity for all Americans through sound public policy.

About BRT

As business leaders representing every sector of the economy and providing health care and retirement benefits to tens of millions of Americans and their families, Business Roundtable members are committed to improving the affordability and quality of the nation’s health and retirement security systems.

Comment Letter on Medicare Claims Data

Business Roundtable appreciates the opportunity to respond to the Request for Public Comments (dated 8/6/13) on the potential release of Medicare physician data.

BRT Letter to Chairman Camp on Entitlement Modernization

The Business Roundtable is pleased to comment on recently released proposals that would make specific reforms to America’s entitlement programs.

Business Roundtable Statement on Delay of Employer Health Care Mandate

Washington – Business Roundtable, representing CEOs of leading U.S. companies from every sector of the economy, today issued the following statement regarding the Obama Administration’s announced one-year delay of the employer health insurance mandate under the Affordable Care Act.

Employer Association Letter on Auto Refill

The following letter was sent on June 11, 2013 to Mr. Jonathan Blum, Deputy Administrator and Director for the Center of Medicare

Business Roundtable Statement on Final Wellness Rule

Gary Loveman, Chairman, President and CEO of Caesars Entertainment Corporation, and Chair of Business Roundtable’s Health and Retirement Committee, today made the following statement on the final wellness rule issued Wednesday by the Departments of Labor, Health and Treasury.

On Health Care, the More Information the Better

Business Roundtable is pleased that the Department of Health and Human Services has released cost data on hospital care.

Business Group Letter to President Obama on Wellness Rule

In the past you have said, “Building a health care system that promotes prevention rather than just managing diseases will require all of us to do our part.

Letter to the President on Pending Wellness Rule

Mr. President, In the past you have said, “Building a health care system that promotes prevention rather than just managing diseases will require all of us to do our part. It will take doctors telling us what risk factors we should avoid and what preventive measures we

Welcome movement toward entitlement reform

The Washington Post today covered the shifting political ground making entitlement reform more possible.

Business Roundtable Statement on President’s FY2014 Budget

Washington – Business Roundtable President John Engler made the following statement today on President Obama’s fiscal year 2014 budget.


Committee Priorities

Business Roundtable members want to ensure that future generations of American retirees can enjoy peace of mind in retirement. They support proposals to strengthen Social Security and Medicare, improve their finances and preserve their benefits for current and future retirees.

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Changes are needed to the Affordable Care Act to reduce the complexity of compliance and the costs. These changes should start with eliminating unnecessary and duplicative requirements, fees and taxes on medical devices, insurance plans and pharmaceuticals.

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Business Roundtable members are committed to offering benefits that help empower employees, giving them tools and resources to lead healthier lives.

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The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which Business Roundtable strongly supports, provides the legal authority that permits employers to manage health care and retirement plans for employees in locations across the country without 50 states imposing separate requirements.

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Business Roundtable supports policies that will create value for all consumers of health care services, including expanding the use of health information technology; dissemination of consumer information on cost and quality of health care; and promotion of changing payments by public and private payers, including Medicare, to reward value of services provided, not volume.

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Business Roundtable supports enacting medical liability reform to ensure that patients do not lose access to physicians and a full range of health care services. These reforms include revising tort laws, developing alternative mechanisms to resolve claims and continuing support for the use of appropriate medical practice guidelines.

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Business Roundtable supports tax policy with stable incentives to contribute to defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans.

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