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What is Business Roundtable

Business Roundtable (BRT) is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies working to promote sound public policy and a thriving U.S. economy.

More Than Leaders. Leadership.

Business Roundtable is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies working to promote a thriving economy and expanded opportunity for all Americans through sound public policy.

About BRT

As business leaders who represent every sector of the economy and rely on the nation’s infrastructure to compete globally, Business Roundtable members are committed to modernizing the system to generate jobs and spur investment.

Business Leaders Applaud Highway Bill Conference Report

We urge the House and Senate to pass, and the President to sign, this legislation as quickly as possible so we can get moving to invest in and rebuild our nation’s critical infrastructure assets.

Business Leaders Applaud House Passage of Highway Bill

The U.S. economy will benefit from a long-term commitment to renew and build the infrastructure that keeps our country moving and moving forward.

House T&I Bill Would Modernize Infrastructure, Boost Growth, Speed Project Approvals

Following today’s strong, bipartisan approval of H.R. 3763, the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2015, in the House Transportation & Infrastructure (T&I) Committee, Business Roundtable President John Engler, released the following statement

BRT: White House Plan to Speed Infrastructure a Positive Step

Expanded ‘Dashboard,’ New Guidance for Agencies after 30 Years Will Improve Federal Permitting

Infrastructure: An Investment That Pays Big Dividends for America

America’s leading CEOs are concerned about the future of our nation’s transportation infrastructure. 

In an op-ed on CNBC, Caterpillar Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman writes, “Infrastructure is a key component of any competitiveness measure, and by any measure the United States is falling far behind. . . . U.S. transit and highway infrastructure is subpar.”

Report: The Economic Power of Rebuilding America’s Transportation Infrastructure

A new analysis released by BRT outlines the economic cost of neglecting the nation’s transportation infrastructure and the positive effects of rebuilding it for the 21st Century.

Oberhelman on Infrastructure: Fix Our Transportation System Now

Infrastructure is a key component of any competitiveness measure, and by any measure the United States is falling far behind.

Senate Highway Bill Will Support Infrastructure, Boost Exports, Speed Project Approvals

The Senate’s action to extend federal highway funding marks important progress toward reliable, long-term funding of transportation infrastructure. Congress and the President must cooperate to invest in infrastructure – it is a key contributor to greater productivity and stronger U.S. economic growth.

Testimony to Senate Commerce Committee on FAA Reauthorization

BRT President John Engler testified today before the Senate Committee on Science, Commerce and Technology's hearing, "FAA Reauthorization: Air Traffic Control Modernization and Reform." A copy of his prepared testimony is available here.

Jobs, Infrastructure and Investment: OK the Keystone Pipeline

After gratifying progress for the Keystone XL pipeline last week, the Senate is beginning debate on legislation to authorize construction of this important infrastructure project.

On the Senate floor is (a motion to proceed to cloture on) S. 1, which authorizes the TransCanada company  to construct, connect, operate and maintain the pipeline and facilities that cross the border from Canada to the United States.

Two major events last week give momentum to the project.


Committee Priorities

The nation’s air traffic management system is the hidden infrastructure that enables transportation by air. Unfortunately, it suffers from a series of challenges that negatively affect the economy and all Americans who rely upon it for safe, efficient transport. Modernizing the system would stimulate the economy, with broad and lasting positive effects for American companies, communities, workers and the flying public.

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Over the last several decades, U.S. transportation infrastructure has deteriorated, especially compared to the nation’s global competitors. Accelerating this decline is a lack of consistent, stable government funding for major projects and ongoing maintenance

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