Joshua Bolten Joins Bloomberg “Daybreak” to Discuss Policy Priorities in the Next Congress

Business Roundtable President & CEO highlights forthcoming CEO-led proposal on privacy legislation, urges trade policies that open markets and foster U.S. economic growth through cooperation with America’s international allies.

November 7, 2018


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Bolten on the bipartisan opportunity to pass federal privacy legislation in the new Congress

“There are a lot of opportunities for bipartisan agreement and the technology area is one. Everybody agrees that we need some kind of structure for privacy in this country. … Our CEOs agree we need some kind of federal privacy legislation. We will be coming out with a proposal in the next months of what we think federal privacy legislation ought to look like, and a divided government does actually create an opportunity for success on that front.”

Encouraging trade policies focused on opening new global markets and working with U.S. allies to address discriminatory Chinese trade practices

“We have had terrific tailwinds during the Trump Administration, coming from tax reform and regulatory reform, but that has been substantially offset in some cases by trade policy. What we are looking for is a trade policy that seeks to open markets, that is aggressive about doing that, but that recognizes that we have to cooperate with a lot of different countries in the international environment and we should not be willy-nilly imposing tariffs on some of our best friends and allies and trading partners. What the business community will be looking for over the next two years of the Trump Administration is a lessening of the conflict with our good friends, allies and trading partners – like Canada, Mexico, Europe and Japan – and hopefully we are on target to do that. And a responsible approach to China that brings those allies together, confronts the Chinese about the reforms they need in their system, without going overboard on threats and tariffs that are basically counterproductive.”