Leadership in innovation is one of the most important factors for American workers, their communities and the U. S. economy. Innovation secures a better future for hardworking Americans by growing opportunity, increasing productivity and making our country more vibrant and diverse.

The process of transforming an idea, concept or knowledge into something that creates new value is innovation in its truest form. To keep the U.S. economy sustainable and growing, businesses need to continue to develop innovative products and solutions that guide us into the future.

While America remains the global leader in innovation, the world is rapidly changing. On December 6, 2018, Business Roundtable convened top U.S. CEOs, government leaders, industry experts and members of the press for a CEO Innovation Summit to discuss the need for a national innovation agenda. Leaders agreed: Any innovation agenda must ensure a thriving economy for employees, their families and their communities so that America remains the global leader in innovation across all industry sectors for generations to come.

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