Mission Critical One-Pager

October 11, 2011

“Mission Critical: A Public-Private Strategy for Information Security” lays out a strategy for a more modern, flexible and collaborative approach to safeguarding America’s economic and national security assets from cybersecurity risks. 

BRT CEOs are committed to strong private-sector cybersecurity protections – including CEO involvement and board oversight – and they call upon government to do its part by:

  • Integrating the full resources of the U.S. government, including defense, intelligence, homeland security, diplomatic, economic and trade assets, to protect the strategic information systems of the United States;
  • Avoiding a top-down, prescriptive, check-the-box approach that is poorly matched to a rapidly evolving threat environment and the reality of privately owned and operated information assets;
  • Providing U.S. businesses with the tools they need to collaboratively combat global cybersecurity threats, including:
  • Formal information sharing mechanisms with appropriate legal protections;
  • Technical cooperation; and
  • Strategic threat assessments; and
  • Strengthening criminal penalties and sentencing for cyber crimes.

More Effective Cybersecurity Will Help Sustain U.S. Information Technology Leadership, Protect Strategic Economic Assets