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Police Reform

Business Roundtable stands with the millions of Americans who want significant policing reform signed into law. America’s corporate leaders are saddened and outraged by the recent killings of unarmed men and women of color. The country has an opportunity to address our long history of racial inequity in law enforcement by taking decisive action to reform policing.

Business Roundtable calls on Congress to commit to pass bipartisan policing reform during this Congressional term. There is significant good faith disagreement on key issues, and Business Roundtable has outlined a set of recommendations to forge bipartisan consensus.


With a focus on principles that are key to any successful enterprise – transparency, accountability, standards and training – CEOs urge bipartisan consensus around fundamental issues, including:


There are a number of other issues likely to be addressed as part of the final negotiations, including compensation or restitution for victims. Business Roundtable would welcome the opportunity to play a constructive role on any issue. To achieve meaningful reform that fosters trust between police departments and the communities they serve, Business Roundtable urges Members of Congress to come together and enact legislation during this Congressional term.