Business Roundtable CEOs Reflect on the Anniversary of the Updated Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation
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Policy Perspectives

Sound public policy that supports American economic prosperity is the core of the Business Roundtable mission. Our member company CEOs are committed to supporting legislative action that prioritizes American competitiveness in areas such as taxes, trade, infrastructure, industry regulations, immigration, technology strategy, and others.

As leaders for the American business community, Business Roundtable CEOs also work to set high standards for corporate and government action on issues such as diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, corporate governance, and cybersecurity.

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Tax & Fiscal Policy

America’s businesses and workers now have a tax system that helps them compete and win. It is making a meaningful difference for American workers, families, and communities.

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As business leaders representing every sector of the economy, we understand the value that technology plays in fostering economic growth and opportunity. Data and digital platforms are essential to competitiveness in today’s marketplace. We are committed to advancing policies that safeguard U.S. information and technology assets and protect consumer data while promoting innovation and growth in the digital economy.

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