Workforce Development

Business Roundtable member companies are developing a wide variety of programs, partnerships, and tools to address the challenges they face in recruiting and training a skilled workforce.

CEOs Accelerating Proven Programs

The Workforce Partnership Initiative (WPI) is a CEO-led initiative created by the Business Roundtable to increase the skills and diversity of America’s workforce by building strategic partnerships between business, non-profits and educational institutions. These partnerships help to better align career and educational pathways—ensuring that companies have a strong supply of talent and that employees are afforded increased opportunities for development and growth.

Why Credential Engine?

Through an increasing array of credentials – degrees, certificates, industry certifications, licenses, badges, apprenticeships, and micro-credentials – job seekers, students, and workers have more options than ever to help them get ahead. But there has been no practical way to obtain relevant and comparable information about these diverse credentials. This is where Credential Engine comes in.

Connecting the Worlds of Learning and Work

In the modern economy, students and workers need a better understanding of the knowledge, skills, abilities and credentials that lead to career success. With the support of Business Roundtable, the National Network of Business and Industry Associations (National Network) works to bridge the skills gap by better connecting the worlds of learning and work. The National Network helps communicate to educational institutions the skills that employers are looking for, and enables employers to align hiring practices with the skills workers have.

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