Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion isn’t just a goal companies should strive to achieve. As CEOs of Business Roundtable—employers of 20 million people—we believe it is imperative.

That is why Business Roundtable members are stepping up to the challenge of increasing corporate diversity and providing greater transparency on their diversity metrics. Business Roundtable members are committed to creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds across America. By advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, CEOs are acting on their responsibility as leaders.

A Commitment to Transparency

Business leaders recognize a need to bolster our focus on underrepresented populations to ensure equitable hiring, promotion and compensation practices. As part of our Racial Equity and Justice efforts on employment, Business Roundtable supports, as a leading practice, voluntary public disclosure of key diversity metrics on at least an annual basis, including board diversity, senior executive diversity, workforce diversity and supplier diversity.

Many Business Roundtable member companies are increasing transparency on corporate diversity by voluntarily disclosing their diversity metrics, including hiring and leadership.

Leadership on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Action

Here we highlight just some of the ways America’s largest employers are building more diverse, equitable and inclusive work environments. The stories and submissions from Business Roundtable member companies describe the programs, policies and practices companies are employing to foster cultures where everyone is valued and all ideas are heard. 

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