The Roadmap and Policy Recommendations add Business Roundtable’s unique voice to the evolving dialogue around Responsible AI expressed in existing principles and frameworks. Business Roundtable’s multisectoral membership represents every aspect of the complex AI ecosystem — including some of the world’s largest developers and users of AI as well as companies that are just beginning their AI journey. The Roadmap for Responsible AI can serve as a guide for companies across all industries, regardless of where they are on this journey. 

Business Roundtable’s approach to Responsible AI is informed by established beliefs and policy perspectives on the vital role that U.S. corporations play in American society and on the essential characteristics of effective regulation:

This body of work can and should be extended to Responsible AI governance and regulation. In particular, the principles articulated in the Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation, can help set the standard for how to develop and deploy AI responsibly and innovate with integrity.

Business Roundtable CEOs are committed to building trust in AI among our customers and stakeholders and to working toward the beneficial potential of AI for society and the economy by adopting and advocating for Responsible AI governance. Business Roundtable also recognizes that AI technologies and applications are highly dynamic, marked by continuous innovation by both developers and users. As such, the project of building and maintaining trust through Responsible AI governance, policymaking and regulation must be a continually evolving journey.

AI is a powerful and versatile technology that will deliver transformational benefits to Americans’ health, safety and prosperity. Fully unlocking AI’s transformative potential will require supporting the innovative momentum around AI technologies and applications. It will also require building and maintaining public trust in AI — imperatives with shared responsibility across corporations and government.

All organizations engaging with AI should govern with purpose and innovate with integrity. Accordingly, Business Roundtable’s Roadmap for Responsible AI articulates 10 core principles that businesses should consider in their journey toward Responsible AI. These principles are underpinned by three foundational tenets:




U.S. leadership in AI innovation strengthens all sectors of the U.S. economy. AI is actively improving the lives of individuals through better functioning of businesses, government and civil society. Trust fuels the healthy adoption of AI, and the responsibility for furthering this trust is shared by industry and government. Businesses developing and using AI technologies should align their internal practices and governance to key principles of Responsible AI, while regulators and policymakers should account for the complex, context-dependent and rapidly evolving AI ecosystem. 

From development to deployment to end-user engagement, Business Roundtable is committed to working with regulators and policymakers to ensure that AI governance and regulation build trust in and acceptance of AI, enable innovation, and promote continued U.S. leadership. Accordingly, Business Roundtable calls on the Administration, Congress and regulators to establish practices, rules and guidelines consistent with 10 policy recommendations: