Addressing China’s Trade Practices

China engages in unfair trade and investment practices, preventing U.S. companies from competing on a level playing field and hurting U.S. workers. Business Roundtable urges the Administration to negotiate solutions to these long-standing issues with China and de-escalate economic tensions and remove broad unilateral tariffs. The Administration should also continue to work with allies to strengthen and sustain reforms in China to provide more stability for the American economy and to help American businesses compete fairly.

Objectives for Trade Negotiations with China

The Administration should use the following priorities to guide trade negotiations with China.

  • Expand near-term market access for U.S. exporters and investors, ensure fair and equal opportunity to compete and strengthen intellectual property protection.
  • Curb overcapacity, eliminate subsidies, and remove other policies that undermine fair competition.
  • Remove restrictions on digital trade, including allowing the free flow of data and eliminating “secure and controllable” requirements.

The Need for a Strategic, Long-Term Approach to Address Trade Barriers in China

Business and Congressional Leaders Discuss Trade and American Competitiveness

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