Policy Recommendations for an Ever-Ready Workforce

America’s federal workforce development system is failing. U.S. employers in every sector of the economy are struggling to fill millions of open jobs. This problem will persist as the needs of our economy continue to change and the skills and education gaps grow.

We need to fix our workforce development system to expand economic opportunity for all Americans and help workers tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

America faces significant workforce challenges:

  • Nearly 9 million open jobs
  • The overall workforce participation rate is declining
  • Technological advancement increasingly requires workers with digital skills and proficiency
  • America’s population and workforce is aging
  • Access to training programs is limited
  • The workforce development system is inefficient and outdated

Passing A Stronger Workforce for America Act and The Bipartisan Workforce Pell Act would put America on the path to building an ever-ready workforce.

A Stronger Workforce for America Act

  • Reauthorizes and modernizes the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, the cornerstone of the public workforce development system.
  • Dedicates 50% of the adult and dislocated worker funding toward upskilling workers through individual training accounts, on-the-job learning and other industry-led training.
  • Promotes employer-driven programs that equip workers with the skill sets to fill jobs in critical sectors.

The Bipartisan Workforce Pell Act

  • Expands Pell Grant eligibility for students pursuing high-quality, short-term education and training programs.
  • Makes postsecondary training more affordable for individuals.
  • Ensures programs provide students with relevant education and skills for employment in high-demand industries.

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