Business Roundtable CEOs lead companies that support 37 million American jobs and almost a quarter of U.S. GDP. Our CEO members support policies to preserve a competitive corporate tax system, defend rules-based trade, advance sound regulation, and help American workers develop skills for a rapidly changing economy.

Business Roundtable CEOs will continue to work closely with policymakers at all levels of government to defeat COVID-19, create American jobs and restore U.S. economic growth and competitiveness.  

We believe the Biden Administration and Congress can support long-term economic growth and create more opportunity for all Americans by:

  • Defeating COVID-19
  • Investing in our nation’s infrastructure
  • Modernizing the U.S. immigration system
  • Improving worker training and education
  • Maintaining a competitive tax environment that enables economic recovery
  • Ensuring American companies and workers are able to grow through exports and trade on a level playing field around the world
  • Making meaningful progress on big issues like climate change and racial equity and justice, including policing reform