Taking Action for America: Protecting U.S. Technology Assets with Effective Cybersecurity

March 7, 2012

With the spread of information and telecommunications technologies across the economy, the daily operations and long-term value of most economic enterprises in America now depend on the capabilities and security of their information systems. Moreover, the capacities and security of these systems have become critical elements of U.S. technological and economic leadership. As strategic economic assets, these systems must be protected. The government has a prominent role to play in this security realm. Unfortunately, this role is currently fragmented across many departments and agencies, as well as dozens of congressional committees and subcommittees, all claiming jurisdiction — and often lead status as well. 

In addition, neither the government nor the private sector currently has the necessary information and analytic tools to assess and defeat the most serious threats to the cybersecurity of American companies. Meeting this challenge will require robust, collaborative public-private partnerships, which can respond to a rapidly changing threat environment for privately owned and operated information assets.