American workers win with a globally competitive tax code. 

Before the pandemic, America had record-low unemployment and job creators increased wages and household incomes. Some in Congress are working to reverse these gains by raising corporate taxes—which would make U.S. companies less competitive globally and undermine investments in employees and communities.

Raising taxes on job creators would erode America’s competitive standing, favor our competitors abroad and discourage investment at home.

America’s current tax code supports sustainable, long-term economic growth in four key ways:

  1. Keeps tax rates globally competitive for businesses, which leads to increased investment, higher wages and more jobs.
  2. Maintains a competitive global tax system that levels the playing field for U.S. companies operating globally.
  3. Incentivizes businesses to invest in their operations and research and development, leading to higher productivity and economic growth.
  4. Keeps businesses and jobs in the United States by reducing tax savings from inversions and foreign takeovers.

Business Roundtable strongly opposes harmful tax increases that would erode America's competitive standing.

The multiple corporate tax changes Congress is considering would impose $800 billion in harmful tax increases on America’s job creators—one of the largest tax increases in history at a time when the federal government is receiving record levels of revenue from U.S. businesses. 

Current proposals would:

• Put U.S. businesses who employ tens of millions of Americans at a severe disadvantage compared to foreign competitors, none of whom pay a minimum tax on foreign earnings now and will not for many years, if at all.   

• Undermine investment in America at a time when the U.S. needs to spur private sector investment to keep pace with competitors abroad.

• Increases economic risk when the COVID pandemic, rising inflation and supply chain disruptions continue to create unprecedented challenges for American businesses, families, and communities.

Congress should reject harmful tax increases that would threaten America’s global competitiveness. 

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