Apprenticeship Accelerator

Business Roundtable's Apprenticeship Accelerator is helping companies develop and scale apprenticeships to expand opportunities for workers without a four-year college degree.

CEO Leadership on Workforce Challenges

Business Roundtable CEOs are working together to expand apprenticeships to help address their workforce needs and expand career pathways for more Americans. Apprenticeships provide opportunities for motivated, high-potential individuals to gain the required training and professional skills for successful careers. Apprenticeship programs also can help experienced workers pursuing a career change or re-entering the workforce gain new skills through paid, on-the-job training. In turn, companies that offer apprenticeship programs can benefit from tapping new sources of talent for roles that might normally require a specific degree or professional experience.

Employer Benefits

Increased Productivity

Employers receive $1.47 f value for every $1 invested in apprenticeship programs

Increased Retention

91% of employees that complete an apprenticeship are still at that employer 9 months later

Unlocking Access to New Talent

Apprenticeship programs unlock access to a more diverse and digitally native talent pool

Business Roundtable CEOs on Apprenticeship

"We all recognize the power of apprenticeship in developing and building pathways to our future workforce."

Donald Allan, Jr.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Stanley Black & Decker

“We need more federal investment in education and training programs, like apprenticeships. Federal resources should support not only in-demand job opportunities, but also areas for future job growth, like data analytics, clean tech, and artificial intelligence. By expanding Pell Grant eligibility to include these programs, we can create more pathways for people to develop the skills they need for well-paying jobs or career advancement.” 

Steven Bandrowczak

Chief Executive Officer

Xerox Holdings Corporation

“Building the workforce of the future here in this country really requires us to focus on things like apprenticeship programs and specialty programs. A four year college degree is not necessary for every job in this country…United has great programs that are unique in the industry like Aviate, where we take people who never had any experience flying and give a path to become a pilot at United Airlines, or Calibrate, an apprenticeship program where you can earn while you learn to become a licensed mechanic for United Airlines.” 

Scott Kirby

Chief Executive Officer

United Airlines

“Apprenticeships—to learn, earn and work—create alternate pools of talent that don’t exist today and enable mid-career shifts into upwardly mobile tech jobs.”

Ravi Kumar S

Chief Executive Officer


Bolstering Regional Apprenticeship Networks

Business Roundtable is supporting regional apprenticeship networks in several regions across the United States. These networks help member companies partner with local community colleges to create or enhance apprenticeship programs focused on hiring models and skills development.

Around 20 Business Roundtable members are involved in one or more of the regional apprenticeship networks. 

Business Roundtable Member Company Case Studies

Business Roundtable member companies are leading the way on growing and scaling apprenticeships on a nationwide basis. These apprenticeship and workforce programs exemplify ways companies are expanding opportunities for individuals without four year degrees. 

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