ICYMI: Business Roundtable Policy VPs, ‘Now is the time to double down on permitting reform’

September 6, 2023

Business Roundtable Vice President of Infrastructure, Energy & Environment, Matt Sonnesyn and Vice President of Smart Regulation, Corey Astill, published a blog post on Business Roundtable’s Medium page on the importance of Congress and the Administration coming together and enacting additional permitting reforms.

Sonnesyn and Astill outline Business Roundtable’s permitting recommendations and make the case that “the most significant action Congress can take to capitalize on this moment and increase the production and export of American energy while also reducing U.S. and global greenhouse gas emissions is to further modernize the permitting process.”

Now is the time to double down on permitting reform

By: Matt Sonnesyn and Corey Astill

Read the full blog post online HERE.


“To modernize the federal permitting process and facilitate more efficient, effective and timely environmental reviews, policymakers came together to enact meaningful, bipartisan reforms as part of the Fiscal Responsibility Act. …
“Business Roundtable welcomed these significant achievements, and we encourage Congress and the Administration to turn to additional reforms that will increase predictability and speed up project delivery as the United States works to meet growing energy demands and the needs of the clean energy transition. …
“Expanding a competitive and resilient U.S. energy system will require policymakers to address additional challenges: critical minerals supply chain vulnerabilities, transmission constraints and litigation abuses and challenges. Removing these barriers will assist in achieving the full potential of recent legislation and its impact on energy security, reliability, affordability and emissions reductions. …
“Business Roundtable recently released its recommendations for additional federal permitting reforms and encourages policymakers to support the development of conventional and renewable energy projects on federal lands and waters and accelerate the permitting and construction of the pipelines needed to transport natural gas, hydrogen and sequestered carbon. …
“Business Roundtable supports ongoing efforts in both the House and Senate on additional permitting reforms and we stand ready to work with policymakers to make it easier to build American infrastructure and grow America’s clean energy capacity.”