Immigrants are the lifeblood of American innovation, the American economy, and the American Dream. But the U.S. immigration system is broken. A balanced approach to reform is critical to ensuring that our economy supports more jobs, higher growth, and opportunity for all. That’s why America’s business leaders support common sense solutions that seek to strengthen the economy by welcoming more legal immigrant workers, establishing a viable solution for undocumented immigrants, and enforcing border security.

A Modern Approach to U.S. Immigration Policy

CEO Principles for Making Immigration Work

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On Immigration Policy, Businesses and Workers Need Certainty

To maintain America’s place as the global hub of innovation, our immigration system must be modernized to recruit and retain top talent. This requires advancing policies that deliver certainty for businesses, workers and their families. Not only must Congress and the Administration enact a solution for DACA recipients – who are hard-working students, employees and members of our armed forces – policymakers should also avoid policy changes that harmfully disrupt lives, business operations and our nation’s economy.  

Modernizing America's Immigration System

Immigrants continue to play a critical role in strengthening America’s place in the world. That’s why America’s business leaders support policies that will keep the U.S. in the lead—those that benefit our communities, workers and our families. Modernizing immigration policy is an important step in continuing that tradition of excellence.

How the Future of American Immigration Can Impact the Economy

Providing new ideas and fresh perspectives, immigrants have always been a key part of America’s innovative spirit. A vast majority of economists and business leaders agree that immigration is a net positive for the U.S. economy. But, the system for welcoming these highly valuable workers is broken.

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