Tax & Fiscal Policy

Business Roundtable supports a competitive, pro-growth tax code that encourages investment in the U.S., grows the economy and expands opportunity for all Americans. Tax increases undermine our ability to compete internationally, create better jobs and increase wages for employees. 

As a result of tax reform, today’s U.S. corporate tax system is competitive with the rest of the developed world and encourages companies to invest in American workers, families and communities. This resulted in:

• The fastest two-year wage growth rate in 20 years,

• The lowest unemployment rate in 50 years,

• Better-than-expected growth in GDP and investment by American companies.

As other countries prioritize economic growth, the U.S. needs to keep pace with its global competitors. Doing so will require maintaining our competitive corporate tax environment to ensure America remains an attractive place for businesses to invest.

A Business Roundtable study quantifying the economic impacts of globally engaged U.S. companies found that in 2019, under current U.S. tax policy, these companies supported over half of all private sector American jobs and U.S. gross domestic product.


Globally engaged U.S. companies are U.S.-based companies with measurable operations in international markets. By competing globally, these companies create opportunity for small and medium-sized U.S. businesses and generate more capital and jobs in America. To ensure that globally engaged U.S. companies can continue to compete and win, policymakers and regulators should maintain a competitive tax and regulatory environment.

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