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CEOs Outline Reforms to Improve U.S. Health Care System

WashingtonBusiness Roundtable CEOs today released a vision for transforming U.S. health care and a framework for how to do it in a new report, Driving Innovation in the Health Care Marketplace. Their recommendations for improving the quality, delivery and cost of health care in America are informed by innovations already being implemented in their companies.

“U.S. per capita health care spending is the highest in the world, but the care Americans receive does not always match that level of spending,” said Gary Loveman, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President, Caesars Entertainment Corporation, and Chair, Business Roundtable Health and Retirement Committee. “America’s largest employers have adopted private sector innovations that deliver better health care to workers and their families, and we think our experiences should be a model for the overall U.S. health care system.”

The report features both policy recommendations and submissions from 85 Business Roundtable member companies describing the programs, policies and activities companies have adopted to improve the quality of care and their employees’ lives.

“There are many ways that Americans can get and stay healthier,” said Larry Merlo, President & Chief Executive Officer, CVS Health, and Vice Chair, Business Roundtable Health and Retirement Committee. “There are a number of innovations we can take advantage of to deliver greater value and better quality. We’re doing it now at our companies, and our experiences can provide a blueprint for others.”

The report outlines recommendations in three major areas:

  • Pursuing health system performance transparency;
  • Strengthening incentives for consumers and providers to improve value; and
  • Aligning public and private sector efforts.

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