Nearly 80 Business Roundtable member companies are participating in the Multiple Pathways Initiative, a multi-year targeted effort to reform companies’ hiring and talent management practices to emphasize the value of skills, rather than just degrees, and to improve equity, diversity and workplace culture. The corporate initiative supports efforts to address inequity in employment practices, including how people are hired and how they advance; and it will work toward eliminating unintentional bias that may prove to be a barrier to hiring and advancement.


Leaders including chief human resource officers of some of America’s largest employers have been working together with experts to catalogue best practices and develop resources for companies focused on core components of skills-based talent strategies—innovation, talent acquisition, internal mobility and measurement. Explore this work:

Company Success Stories


The Multiple Pathways Initiative Innovation Working Group focused on identifying and supporting the implementation of new, promising talent-based practices as well as assessing their impact.

Amidst massive economic and labor market shifts, establishing innovative talent practices across sourcing, talent development, and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging initiatives has changed from a ‘nice to have’ to a critical need when seeking and retaining talent. To support and enhance practices in these areas, Business Roundtable and its Multiple Pathways Initiative established an Innovation Working Group to inspire the identification and adoption of transformational programs, practices and technologies to develop a more equitable and inclusive workforce.

The Working Group created a compendium with efforts related to:

  • Reskilling
  • Selection
  • Sourcing

One of the biggest lessons from this work is that innovating talent practices requires change management. While innovative technologies and tools can help, it’s really the human element that underpins sustained change for more inclusive talent practices. Shifting mindsets and behaviors can seem daunting, but it’s a critical element to sustain initiatives that can otherwise be shortlived or entirely unsuccessful.

Innovative Skills-Based Talent Practices

A Collection of Fresh Ideas, New Practices and Lessons Learned

View the Compendium

Company Success Stories

Companies are implementing new recruitment and assessment strategies to better recognize and evaluate skills of all job seekers, identifying upward career paths for employees who acquire new skills along their career journey, and developing training programs to help employees gain different skills needed to advance. Explore how companies are engaging in this work:

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