Nearly 80 Business Roundtable member companies are participating in the Multiple Pathways Initiative, a multi-year targeted effort to reform companies’ hiring and talent management practices to emphasize the value of skills, rather than just degrees, and to improve equity, diversity and workplace culture. The corporate initiative supports efforts to address inequity in employment practices, including how people are hired and how they advance; and it will work toward eliminating unintentional bias that may prove to be a barrier to hiring and advancement.


Leaders including chief human resource officers of some of America’s largest employers have been working together with experts to catalogue best practices and develop resources for companies focused on core components of skills-based talent strategies—innovation, talent acquisition, internal mobility and measurement. Explore this work:

Company Success Stories


The Multiple Pathways Initiative Measurement Working Group focused on developing methods for measuring company progress towards adopting skills-based practices. Companies need a way to understand how their skills-based practices lead to greater diversity, equity and inclusion across their companies, especially for candidates and employees without four-year degrees, who have historically lacked access to economic opportunity and mobility. The Measurement Working Group developed a comprehensive framework that:

  • Guides companies in measuring their rate of adoption of skills-based practices, and the impact of those practices on their employees, their business and society broadly
  • Includes specific metrics to capture impact on non-degree-holders to help companies understand and address outcomes differences between degree-holders and non-degree-holders
  • Has been co-developed, tested and approved by corporate leaders with significant experience in HR and DEI

Measuring the Impact of Skills-Based Talent Practices

A Blueprint for How to Measure the Impact of Key Skills-Based Talent Practices at Your Company

View the Playbook

Company Success Stories

Companies are implementing new recruitment and assessment strategies to better recognize and evaluate skills of all job seekers, identifying upward career paths for employees who acquire new skills along their career journey, and developing training programs to help employees gain different skills needed to advance. Explore how companies are engaging in this work:

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