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Driving Innovation In the Health Care Marketplace:

A CEO Report

DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc.

DaVita HealthCare Partners is a community first and a company second. One example of this is our wellness program, Village Vitality, through which we incent and reward teammates for taking action. We continually search for new ways to support our teammates in realizing and reaching their wellness goals. 

DaVita Vitality Points. Since 2009, “Vitality Points” have been the primary incentive component of Village Vitality. Teammates and spouses/domestic partners who complete healthy actions such as biometric screenings and tobacco cessation programs can earn up to $1,600 toward health insurance premiums. In 2014, we expanded our program to include spouses/domestic partners and are proud to say that 55 percent of them participated. 

Vitality Points are transparency at work! By completing a standard biometric screening, participants learn their key health measurements. This information frequently leads people to realize that their health is at risk and spurs them to take immediate action. The results of our efforts are positive — since 2010, the percentage of our population outside healthy ranges has decreased for glucose (from 23 to 19 percent), cholesterol (from 17 to 14 percent) and blood pressure (from 68 to 59 percent). 

Match the Mayor. DaVita supports healthful living through an annual campaign that challenges teammates and their families to “Match the Mayor” in specific healthy behaviors. In previous years, we have tracked exercise minutes and the number of various fruits and produce in each meal, creating awareness about teammates’ activity levels and diet. Program participation has increased almost tenfold, from 580 participants in 2008 to more than 5,300 in 2013! The 2014 challenge will include two senior leaders as well, demonstrating our Village-wide commitment to fun while encouraging healthy actions by our teammates. 

We Are Well. DaVita rewards teammates who have taken the initiative to make significant changes in their health by providing the opportunity to earn free health insurance. The We Are Well award is presented to teammates who have made an outstanding commitment to achieving their health goals. Selection criteria include committing to achieving better health, fulfilling personal goals, overcoming challenging obstacles and inspiring others. 

From new fitness campaigns to fresh incentive programs, we strive to improve the awareness, total well-being and satisfaction of teammates and their families year after year. 


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BRT companies provide health coverage to more than 40 million Americans. We help American workers and their families remain healthy, receive quality treatment when necessary and achieve better health outcomes. The private-sector innovations in the insurance marketplace that enable us to provide these services to our employees and their families serve as models for public programs — but additional reforms are necessary.

This report highlights the innovations we have made and the public policy changes we believe would drive value by promoting health and improving outcomes.